Greetings Traveler!

This is my world, the world of Eco.

Eco is a extremely magical and magnificent planet, similar to others, but unique in the universe. The planet of Eco has collected many otherworldly planes over the Ages, each orbiting Eco while Eco orbits its star Sola. Powerful entities exist upon the planes bound to Eco. These entities are viewed as deities by the intelligent life of Eco, for the most powerful of the planar beings each helped create and mold the world of Eco. These Gods and Goddesses have played a large role in the evolution of Eco and its inhabitants, and with all their abilities have helped create a world thriving life, magic, and history.

Many creatures inhabit Eco, and of those creatures many of them are intelligent. They share a connection, for each is bound to Eco and formed from it. The Ages of Time have each left their mark upon Eco and its inhabitants, each helping guide the direction that the world has taken. Some great, and many not so great, civilizations have come and past. There are many stories to be told from the times before, with much explanation for why and how things are now. Too many to tell.

Suffice it to say that Eco is a extremely diverse planet, with humanoids of all types and creatures that boggle the imagination. It is a danger to just be alive on Eco, for it thrives with all types of magical beast and plant, many of which would happily make a meal out of just about anything.

Eco is a unique planetary being of her own, and she has a magical affect over the whole of the planet, and its inhabitants are no exception. Almost every race has shown some level of innate magical aptitude. These intelligent, and not so intelligent, beings have been also greatly enhanced by the many Gods and Goddesses granting them direct access to the many magics of Eco. Many of Eco’s inhabitants say that “life is magic”, owing their very existence to both the Gods and Goddesses, and to Eco herself. Even Eco’s star Sola and Eco’s many moons are shown divine reverence.

The entire planet’s landscape is a point of contention. Every people and creature does what they must to hold onto survival, be it through territory, community, or by other means. Yet life survives, even thrives, for this is the Age of Life.

Do you have what it takes to brave this diverse world? Take a look around and find out. Just be careful to not get eaten while you’re looking.

Thanks for your time,
Jugnu Ahluwalia – Creator of Eco